How are you really?

Yes, dear reader, with you? I immediately get straight to the point, because I am not the psychologist who has all the answers (I do have a lot of experience & tools!). I believe that every person is unique, you too! And that deep down you have all the answers. Only that it is not always possible to find those answers yourself.

Why? Because as we grow older we have built up layers around us, which have hidden the answer so deeply that we sometimes cannot reach it ourselves (and that causes symptoms!). Layers? Yes, unconscious layers such as protection mechanisms, beliefs, ego, hidden or unprocessed emotions, feelings, and events. That causes us to get caught up in patterns that don’t help us.

That is why I believe in your strength! Let’s peel off some layers together so you can find your answers to a happier life! Processing pain, sifting through thoughts and beliefs, without judgment, from a sincere connection. So that you learn that the complaints you have are a signal of something, and if you can listen to them, you can solve them yourself!

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Walking & Talk Program

Are you stuck? Then let’s dive into nature, together with me. Where we will investigate exactly what you encounter. The walking sessions are in the neighborhood of Landgraaf.

The first session is an intake. In the other 5 sessions, we will work together on your plan for a happier and healthier life. You will receive new insights, exercises, and personal assignments. And in between the sessions, I am there for you by WhatsApp.

Costs per programsession: € 85

Single session: €95,-

Session duration: 60 minutes

Duration of the program: 6 sessions

Location: Landgraaf

We leave from the practice.

The first introductory meeting is free

Individual session(s)

Do you prefer a 1-on-1 session? In which we take a closer look at your complaints that are now preventing you from living your happiest life? Together we investigate the underlying patterns.

During an individual session, we look at what is needed at that moment. You gain insight into what helps you and what doesn’t and immediately applicable tools that you can use at home.

Costs per session: € 85,-

Location: online or at the practice

Session duration: 60 minutes

Other information

I can imagine you have questions. I have answered some possible questions below. Feel free to send me a message via the contact form or WhatsApp, or call me if you have any other questions. I am happy to answer them!

I have no contracts with health insurers. Programs and sessions are therefore not reimbursed.

This is a conscious choice so that I can work with you around your question and not get stuck with working with diagnoses. If I have an allergy to something, it is thinking in boxes.

– You may have a training budget/vitality budget / sustainable employability budget based on your collective labor agreement. You can also use this for a program. – Ask HR or P&O department whether they have a training or coaching budget that can be used if employees need it – Ask your supervisor or director whether there is a budget for personal development – If a (coaching) process affects your employability and effectiveness at work, it is tax-deductible (as study costs and training expenses) – The UWV can reimburse your trajectory if you are currently unable to work due to stress and/or burnout.

You can reschedule an appointment in consultation. Of course it can happen that an appointment once made does not turn out to be successful later on. Please let me know in time, at least 24 hours in advance. When a session is later canceled, it will be charged.

– There is no obligation to make a diagnosis, other than a process with the intervention of the health insurer. A diagnosis made can play a role in the amount of the premium when taking out insurance such as term life insurance and disability insurance. Some diagnoses can also have an impact on your driving license. – Unlike a process with the intervention of health insurance, you do not have to complete mandatory questionnaires. – There are no maximum treatment minutes. If you need more appointments, that is possible. – What few people know is that in case of a reimbursed process by the health insurance you always have to make up your deductible first. In many cases, this means that you have to pay € 385 yourself anyway. If you have set your deductible higher, this can amount to € 885. Not always 100% of treatment is reimbursed, so there is a chance that you will have to pay extra costs in addition to the deductible.

Can you explain something about what a trajectory looks like?

When you have completed the intake form, or have sent me a message with a request for a walking & talking program, I will contact you as soon as possible for a short, free of charge introduction (15-30 min). In this conversation (by telephone or online) I will ask you a number of questions so that I can assess whether I can do something for you and together we will see if there is a “click” to continue together.

When this feels good, the program starts with one intake session. During the intake, I mainly ask you a lot of questions to get as clear as possible what you encounter and what you would like to work towards.

After the intake we make a plan together and then we get to work! During the process, we regularly evaluate to check whether we are still sailing the right course.

What is the working area of the walking program?

My practice space is located in Landgraaf at Eygelshovenerweg 47. Since we are in nature in 2 minutes from here, we leave from here.

Why should I choose a walking program instead of normal sessions?

  • It appears to be easier for many people to talk about difficult issues if you walk next to each other (instead of sitting opposite each other).
  • Walking has a calming effect and has a positive effect on your mood (stress hormones decrease – happiness hormones increase).
  • You are both physically and mentally in motion: you take steps!
  • A walk brings silence to your head, which gives you peace of mind to listen to yourself.
  • Walking gives you energy, makes you more alert and creative.
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